Real-time simulation of structures and structural members enables intuitive and immediate understanding of displacements and stresses, contributing to efficient decision making in design and maintenance. In this study, real-time simulation of cantilevered beam vibration was realized using PINN to ensure accuracy and immediacy. An interactive system was then constructed to project the analysis results onto the actual cantilever beam using AR, allowing the displacement and stress distribution of the vibrating beam to be viewed instantly. Sequential trainings and predictions for the real-time visualization in AR were then implemented at fine increment time steps by PINN. As a result, the computational cost was greatly reduced and approached real-time visualization while ensuring a certain level of accuracy; however, it was recognized that some measures are required in the PINN learning method and the data communication between PINN and AR for improving the real-time performance.

2023-06-01 14:45
Tsukuba in Japan